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Are you turning 65 soon?

Do you have questions about Medicare?

Do you want to know your Medicare choices?

What is a Medicare Advantage plan?

Are you paying too much for your Medicare Supplement
If you answered “YES” to any of these 5 questions, then you are in the right place at the right time.
2 Things We Do For Seniors With Medicare...
We help you navigate this Medicare maze by taking your hand and walking you through what you need to know from start to finish free of charge.

Once you are on a Medicare plan, it can change from year to year.  So we can help you shop for lower price plans as each company hands out rate increases over the coming years.
Free Medicare Supplement quotes upon request.  We have every plan available in your zip code.  We are independent brokers.  So we work for you and your interest.  We are not bound to offer you just one choice or one company.
We offer this help free of charge.  Insurance companies compensate us for helping you.
By helping you choose the right Medicare supplement insurance plan, you will have no co-pays, no referrals necessary, no complicated claims paperwork, no remaining bills to pay, no worrying about networks.  See any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.
Allow us to help you make decisions regarding your Medicare choices.  Call for a free quote

I’d like to thank Chalmes Tarry and Tonya Tarry for coming in and assisting me with choosing my Medicare supplement.  It was really helpful as I really needed it and I really did not know which way to go.  And I have gotten so much mail and so much information…It was really disturbing. So they really made me comfortable. They really answered a lot of questions and I really appreciated their time and effort in helping me to secure affordable supplemental insurance….Medicare.
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